• ATTENTION JUNIORS: It’s almost time for the digital PSAT~!


    ALL JUNIORS at BHS will have the opportunity to take the digital PSAT at no cost during the school day on Wednesday, October 4th. The Bluebook App is the app through which students will take the test and has already been installed on every junior’s device if issued through the school. NOTE: If your junior does not use a school-issued device, they must install the Bluebook App on their personal device BEFORE Thursday, September 28th. Personal Chromebooks are not allowed. Students planning to use their personal device who are having trouble installing the app, may stop into the Tech Office for help. All students will complete their Digital Readiness Check during their homeroom on our Special Day Schedule – Thursday, September 28th.


    ***Students MUST bring their devices (preferably school-issued devices) FULLY CHARGED,

    as well as their chargers on both days (9/28 and 10/4).


    A few important reminders:


    · Check to make sure the Bluebook App is installed on your student’s device.

    · Because students must log in to the app in advance of the test using their school device (and then must use the same device the day of testing), please make sure your student brings their school device charged and ready to go for September 28 when all juniors will complete their Digital Readiness Check in preparation for the test.

    · Students who have College Board-approved accommodations will receive them for the digital PSAT, but they may look different than what they’ve experienced in the past. An explanation as to how those accommodations will be provided through the digital platform will be given to your student by their case manager in advance of the test.

    · All students will have the opportunity to complete a number of sample test questions when setting up their device in preparation for the test.

    · Students without accommodations will be testing in the Main/Upper Gym. Students with accommodations will learn of their testing location on September 28th.

    · Students will receive their sign-in tickets in homeroom on September 28th. This ticket has information on it unique to each student and will allow them to set up their device in preparation for the test.

    · There is no make up test for the digital PSAT being administered on Wednesday, October 4.


    What to Bring:

    · FULLY CHARGED school-issued or personal device (cannot be a personal Chromebook) and CHARGER. NOTE: If your student is using a personal device, we will not have chargers for them.

    · An external mouse and/or keyboard if you use them (you can only use external keyboards with tablets – not laptops)

    · Pens or pencils (to be used with scrap paper that will be provided)

    · Bottled water and snacks (to be kept under desk for the duration of the test)


    What NOT to Bring:

    · CELL PHONE and/or any other electronic device not approved by the College Board

    · Calculator (the Bluebook App has a built-in calculator, so no need to bring one)


    Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. Please reach out to Ashley Edwards, assistant principal and testing coordinator, at ashley_edwards@bcsd.org or 242-5000 ext. 4504 with any questions.


    “The PSAT/NMSQT is now digital! The test is easier to take, shorter, has more time per question, and comes with a built-in calculator. It can also qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship Program and other scholarships.” – AP College Board