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    The pre-season meeting will be held on Thursday March 14th, 2019 There were posters put up around the school about this meeting.

    Coach Brickey and Coach Colaizzi have the information that was handed out at this meeting.


    The absolute LAST DAY to join the team is April 2nd. No exceptions!



    This webpage will not be used this season. Please see the Schoology COURSE called 2019 TCMS Modified Track and Field for further information about the team.

     The Schoology Studnet access code is: CW9G4 - Z7584

    Please go to the Courses heading and then hit Join to then put in the access code.







    Please see the Feedback section to connect with the head coach, Juli Molnar.
    Assistant coaches are Kim Brickey, Jeff Colaizzi and Dan Wilson.