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Sixth Graders Participate in Outdoor Education

fishing at ODE

In September, all Twelve Corners Middle School sixth graders participated in the two-day Outdoor Education program at the Rotary Sunshine Camp in Rush. This was the 49th year of Outdoor Education (ODE)!

For many sixth graders, ODE is the highlight of their entire middle school experience. For two days and one night, students participate in hands-on activities including a ropes course, orienteering, archery, outdoor cooking, and fishing. The program is a great way for students to build new friendships, especially as they transition into a new school. The opportunity to meet students off campus and promote the school’s expectations and core values is invaluable.

Thank you to the teachers, parents, and the TCMS eighth graders and BHS leadership students who helped make this opportunity possible.


he caught a fish

enjoying hot cocoa

starting a fire

ropes course problem solving


helping a student with archery

aiming in archery

A salamander