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Assemblywoman Romeo Secures $1 Million Grant for Brighton Schools

Assemblywoman Jamie Romeo

Assemblywoman Jamie Romeo announced that she has secured $1 million in additional capital funding for the Brighton Central School District. The District will receive $1 million in DASNY grant funding to assist with offsetting the local costs associated with the 2017 Brighton Facilities Improvement Project. This will assist with District expenses and is available only for costs related to the capital project.

The grant prevents the District from needing to borrow funds at the full expense of local taxpayers. The estimated interest savings is $300,000 over the 15-year bond term and will benefit the District in each budget year starting in 2020-21.

“I am proud to secure these much needed additional funds for Brighton Schools. The District, like many around our County and the State, struggles to keep up with increased demand for resources driven by the changing needs of the District. I am particularly pleased that the funds I was able to secure will be used to assist the district in providing full-day kindergarten.” Assemblywoman Romeo said. “However, as I have told parents and administrators, while I am glad I was able to secure these funds, I will continue to fight for Brighton’s and each public school district’s fair share of Foundation Aid. I am thankful for State Senator Shelley Mayer’s leadership, who will be hosting public hearings throughout the State regarding the need to examine the distribution of the foundation aid formula as it relates to student and district needs.”

The funds will be earmarked for the addition and renovation to Council Rock Primary School where estimated construction costs exceed amounts eligible for State Building Aid. The funds will be used for site improvements in the courtyard and abatement of additional asbestos that was discovered during the first phase of the project. Council Rock’s addition will house new classrooms, allowing full-day kindergarten to be offered in the fall of 2021. The school will also receive a renovated entrance, cafetorium, kitchen, main office, and library media center.

“The District deeply appreciates Assemblywoman Romeo’s efforts to secure this funding on the behalf of our children and taxpayers,” Brighton Central School District Superintendent Dr. Kevin McGowan said.

"The Brighton Board of Education is extremely appreciative of Assemblywoman Romeo's efforts to help deliver this significant additional funding toward our ongoing Facilities Improvement Project,” Board President Mark Kokanovich added. “This funding will help lessen the local taxpayer burden for the facilities expansion and upgrade work that is well underway. We will continue to work together to raise Brighton's share of New York State financial support to levels equitable with all other area districts."

Superintendent Dr. Kevin McGowan