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2023-24 Calendar Approved

Please note that the school calendar for the 2023-24 school year is available by clicking here. This calendar was adopted by the Board of Education on Feb. 28.

The District aims to create the most inclusive calendar it can. Eid being observed on Wednesday, April 10, 2024 is tentative at this time because the actual holiday is not determined until a later time and it can be on one of several different days depending on a variety of factors. We will be working with the local Islamic community to finalize the day we take off for Eid and will alert the community as soon as it is finalized. For now, please plan on April 10 as a day off. In future years, we will be looking at incorporating the third day of Diwali as a day off. This year, that day happens to fall on a weekend.

We will have off for Good Friday on Friday, March 29, 2024 and spring break will be the following week (April 1-5, 2024). Monday, April 8 will be an early release day because Rochester is a prime viewing location for the total solar eclipse and traffic congestion is a serious concern that has been raised by local groups planning for a significant influx of individuals to the area. Other districts are taking a full day off, but we are scheduling an early release day because we are tentatively planning to be off for Eid on Wednesday.

Next year’s calendar does not include an independent learning day or remote snow days. The scheduling of the end of the year by the New York State Education Department has allowed for enough days in the calendar for these approaches to not be necessary. We also recognize that they are not the preferred approach if at all possible.

The calendar plays an important role in the lives of children, families, our staff, and the community. We hope to balance the needs of all groups and utilize the calendar as a tool for:

    1. Providing essential instructional time for children.
    2. Providing time for families to engage in their own faith and cultural traditions.
    3. Providing time for staff growth and planning that will benefit students.
    4. Supporting families with a recognition of the impact on families when we make changes, have time off, or expect students to work from home.

Our calendar may look a little bit different each year. Being more inclusive and responsive to everyone’s needs will require creativity, flexibility, and thoughtfulness. Thank you for your patience and support.