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Important Calendar Updates

Dear Families,

We’ve continued to review our calendar for this year and our use of emergency closure days. Our calendar considerations include:

  • The role we play for students and families as it relates to providing everything that school does for students when we are in session.
  • The need to fulfill our state attendance requirements that determine the funding we are provided.
  • Safety and logistical considerations (We have recently learned that 5 of 8 day care providers locally are going to close on April 8 causing an anticipated 140 changes to transportation plans for K-5 students).
  • Continuity of instruction
  • Our desire to honor the holidays of our community members and have a more fully inclusive calendar, which reduces the number of instructional days available.
  • The challenges of having school on the day of the solar eclipse given the anticipated traffic issues that afternoon.

We have hoped that we would be provided more calendar flexibility if emergency closure days (snow days) were used minimally. Fortunately, mild weather this year and very few unforeseen circumstances like the water main break, have allowed us to use 0 days for K-5 students and only 1 day for 6-12 students.

We typically review our use of days and determine the schedule for the last week of June later in May. We also review new information such as the day care closures noted above. Given the unique circumstances being created by the solar eclipse, our availability of “snow days,” and our ongoing review of the calendar as described above, we are announcing our end of year schedule now and that we are going to close fully on Monday, April 8. Although we felt as though our students could be safely transported home prior to the beginning of the eclipse, the change in logistics described above and our availability of days due to the mild weather have given us an opportunity to allow for families to be together on this day, including our staff and their families.

Please also note that unless any other emergency days are used, the last day of school for K-8 students will be on Monday, June 24. Specific plans for that day will be sent out by each school as we get closer to the end of the year. As a reminder, we will also be closed on Wednesday, April 10 in observance of Eid al-Fitr. School is in session on Tuesday, April 9.

In summary:

April 8: No school

April 9: School in session

April 10: No school

June 24: Last day of school for K-8 students

June 25: Regents exams for 9-12 students as scheduled by NYS

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We recognize that changes in the calendar cause challenges for families. We’re hopeful that having two weeks to plan for this as opposed to the suddenness of an unanticipated snow day will be helpful for your planning.

Best wishes,


Kevin McGowan, Ed.D.