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Students Generate Ideas for New Town Land

Presentation to Town Supervisor Two second grade classes, two fourth grade classes, and one sixth grade class worked on a collaborative project focused on what the Town of Brighton should do with the new land purchased near Buckland Park. 

The second graders in Ms. Ackerman’s and Ms. Rhodes’ classes brainstormed how to best utilize the land to meet the needs of the community and used the classroom maker space materials to build models of their proposals which were sent on to fourth grade students through a written draft. The fourth graders in Mrs. Fallon's and Ms. Covert's classes researched nearby parks and amenities to see what Brighton could offer its residents.  They took the ideas from the second graders and drew out plans based on the size of the new lands acquired.  They also expanded on the writing pieces they completed making sure to include information from newspaper articles written about the new land purchase. The sixth graders in Ms. Katsetos’ ELA classes met with Brighton’s Superintendent of Parks Matt Beeman.  During this meeting, they had a chance to further learn about the new land and ask questions. They also read articles about parks, created a works cited list, and expanded on the letters written by the second and fourth graders. The proposals were shared with Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle and the projects were displayed at the Brighton Memorial Library. 

Talking with Supervisor