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District Receives Chamber of Commerce’s Green Brighton Award

Green Brighton Award

In June, Brighton Central School District received the Brighton Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Green Brighton Award. The award was presented because of the District’s zero waste initiative, which just completed its first year. 

The award acknowledges an organization that recognizes the importance of sustainable practices in our community and has made significant contributions to the quality of life in Brighton.    

The program started in the French Road Elementary School cafeteria in September. The landfill diversion rate was 27 percent at the start of the school year and improved to 82 percent at the end of the year. The building composted over 8.5 tons of organic material and recycled 1.7 tons of mixed recyclables. 

The zero waste initiative began at Twelve Corners Middle School in January. The diversion rate was 26 percent before zero waste was introduced in the cafeteria and improved to 65 percent by the end of the school year. TCMS composted over 4.4 tons of organic material and recycled 2.1 tons of mixed recyclables. 

The initiative expanded to Brighton High School in April. The diversion rate was 22 percent before zero waste was introduced and improved to 82 percent by the end of the school year. BHS composted 0.49 tons of organic material and recycled 0.12 tons of mixed recyclables. 

In the fall, Council Rock Primary School’s cafeteria will go zero waste and composting will start at the Administration Building and Brookside building. 

The District has worked with Impact Earth, a zero waste solutions provider co-founded by Brighton parents Robert Putney and Elizabeth Carey. They have provided individuals, businesses, and event planners with personalized training on sustainable practices since 2014. 


Dr. McGowan receives the award

Dr. McGowan