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Brighton Hosts ROC2Change Student Summit on Race

Brighton students who organized Roc2Change

About 500 students from 35 high schools attended the seventh ROC2Change Student Summit on Race hosted by Brighton High School in November. The daylong, student-led summit allowed students to have candid conversations about race.

Brighton High School’s Mosaic Club and Black Student Union prepared the activities, speakers, and agenda for the event. The Friends of Rachel Club volunteered to help with the event. Students were organized into three groups depending on how many ROC2Change Summits they’ve attended and if they are leaders in their schools.

Students learned about intersectionality, the theory that social identities, related systems of oppression, domination or discrimination, and multiple group identities intersect to create a whole that is different from the component identities. Racial identity is a predominant marginalizing factor in our society, but other factors such as one’s gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, and disability can also create inequity and discrimination. The students focused on how they can create stronger schools and communities by supporting all who feel marginalized.

Spencerport will host the next summit in March.


Mosaic Club member speaks to the students

Students talk about race

BHS student interviewed by News 10

Mosaic Club Members who helped organize the event

Mosaic Club Members interviewed by News 13

BHS student leads discussion

BHS students lead discussion

Students and staff discuss issues

Students discuss issues

Keynote speaker: Dr. Khuram Hussain, Dean, Hobart & William Smith Colleges