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BHS Staff Focuses on Diversity and Equity on Superintendent’s Conference Day

Privilege walk

Brighton High School’s staff focused on equity, diversity, awareness, reflection, and action on Superintendent’s Conference Day on April 8. Staff members were able to sign up for two different workshops.

The objective was to create awareness and give staff members an opportunity to reflect with their colleagues and students on community circles, navigating difficult conversations about diversity, and working with students on privilege and various topics of diversity. Staff members were able to leave with some specific strategies they can implement in their classrooms.

The first workshop was Diversity Scenarios in Class: What Would You Do? Staff members reviewed a short article on strategies for working through diversity issues in classrooms then read classroom scenarios that have or could happen any day. The facilitator led a conversation with the staff on how to navigate the situations.

Another option was Restorative Practices: Facilitating Community Building Circles in a Classroom Setting. Participants received an overview of the restorative practices that have been used with students and staff and explored using circles to increase community in the classroom. Staff had the opportunity to practice a community building circle.

The third workshop was Restorative Practices: Observe Students Engaged in a Real Community Circle. Staff observed students from the Rhetoric of Race Class participating in a community circle. Students discussed racial, ethnic, political, and other sensitive topics. Staff then had the opportunity to ask students questions.

The final option was to participate in a Privilege Walk led by students from the school’s Mosaic Club, Black Student Union, Muslim Student Association, and Latino Student Association. A Privilege Walk is designed to encourage individuals to think more about some of the unearned benefits they may receive from society based solely on their race, gender, sexuality, ability, and religion. Afterward, students led the staff in conversations about diversity and privilege.

The other three schools in the District were busy with grading, however they will have more professional development around diversity and equity in the future.


Student Q&A

diversity scenarios

Discussion after privilege walk

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