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Mrs. Liu Transforms Sixth Grade English Classroom into Hogwarts

Harry Potter theme classroom

Twelve Corners Middle School teacher Lara Liu is a big fan of Harry Potter — so much so that she’s transformed her sixth grade English Language Arts classroom into a middle-school version of Harry Potter’s world. Mrs. Liu wanted to create a space where students could feel comfortable and cozy.

Harry Potter fans will find many nods to the series in her classroom including: Hogwarts acceptance letters flying out of the Dursley’s fireplace, a wand from Olivanders, Dobby’s sock drawer, a sorting hat, Hedwig, the restricted section of the library, Ministry of Magic posts for classroom jobs, and Mrs. Liu’s classroom is unofficially numbered 9 and ¾.

door 9 and 3/4

Mrs. Liu teaches her students

Dobby's tree


Classroom jobs

invisibility cloak


decorations and Hedwig