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Israeli Volunteers Help TCMS Students Cook Shakshuka

Ori helps students cook

Two volunteers from Israel helped Twelve Corners Middle School eighth graders make shakshuka during Amy Moran’s Family and Consumer Sciences Class in October. ShinShinim program representatives Yael Cytryn and Ori Givon demonstrated how to make the dish and then helped Ms. Moran’s students cook it themselves. Shakshuka is an Israeli dish made with red peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and eggs. It was served over challah and was a big hit with students! Click here to see the recipe.

The ShinShinim program is a partnership between the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester and the Jewish Agency for Israel. The mission of the program is to strengthen the ties between the Rochester community and Israel by building living bridges through personal connections and bringing Israeli history, culture, and society to life. The ShinShinim will be working with Brighton students all year.

The ShinShinim are 18-year-old Israeli leaders who defer their army service for one year to volunteer in communities around the globe. Over 2,000 Israeli high school seniors apply for the program each year. They undergo an intensive selection process and only 10 percent of applicants are selected to volunteer in 28 communities around the world. The representatives receive comprehensive training through the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Yael is from our partner city of Modi’in and majored in biology, theater, and Jewish philosophy in high school. She is a dancer and enjoys drawing, painting and sculpting.

Ori is from Lapid, a small town on the outskirts of Modi’in. He majored in biology and social sciences. He enjoys playing the piano, camping, running, and going to the gym.

TCMS students cook shakshuka

Students eat Shakshuka

Students enjoy shakshuka

Yael and Ms. Moran help students cook Shakshuka

Students add eggs to the shakshuka

students add eggs

Yael and Ori demonstrated how to make shakshuka