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Fifth Graders Visit Challenger Learning Center

Challenger on the shuttle

Mary DuBois’ fifth-grade class went on a field trip to the newly re-designed Challenger Learning Center of Greater Rochester at Kodak Center in December. Commander Robson and Commander Raab led students through their mission to Mars. All French Road Elementary School fifth graders will attend the field trip this school year. Classes split up into two groups, one that went on the space shuttle to Mars and the other served as ground control. Students had the opportunity to experience both roles. 

The Challenger Learning Center was created to inspire students' interest in science and math. Not only did students have fun, but they also exercised the development of their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) process skills by completing curriculum-based activities that are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and new Smithsonian Science curriculum. The new state of the art facility incorporates hands-on science activities that help improve problem-solving skills and enhance creative and critical-thinking abilities.

Thank you to the chaperones who volunteered their time to help with the field trip!

Challenger trip parent and student

Parent and student work together on Challenger

Medical tests on the trip

Working at ground control

experiments on the shuttle

working together