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BHS Students Start Brighton Teen Science Café

Dr. Jim Miller

Earlier this school year, a group of Brighton High School students, looked into forming a new science club to discuss relevant and local science issues. The students discovered a national organization called the Science Café and found a local chapter led by University of Rochester biology professor Dr. David Goldfarb that held monthly science-based discussions at the Pittsford Barnes and Noble.

Students Andrew Guo, Aelis Spiller, Sophie Zhou, Vanessa Yang, and Henry Berger and advisor Alpa Khandhar attended a few of the events and approached Dr. Goldfarb about forming a Brighton Teen Science Café. The students met with the national organizer and will soon be registered as an official chapter.

The first session was canceled due to the school buildings being closed. However, Dr. Brian Altmann, an expert on circadian rhythms, reached out and offered to host the session through Zoom. Twenty students connected for that first event. 

The club has continued to meet every two weeks. The second café was hosted by Dave Canning an engineer at the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics, who spoke about the laser lab and nuclear fusion.  On April 23, Dr. Jim Miller, a virologist from University of Rochester Medical Center, discussed COVID-19.