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Astronaut Talks About Space Exploration with TCMS Students

Astronaut Pam Melroy

Twelve Corners Middle School students talked with retired astronaut Pam Melroy about space exploration over Zoom in June. Teacher Mr. Lanson contacted Melroy and arranged for her to connect with Brighton students. 

She is a veteran of three space shuttle flights and was the second woman to command one. Melroy logged more than 924 hours in space, contributing to the construction of the space station on every mission. 

Melroy talked about what it took to become an astronaut, what it’s like to live in space, and how students can achieve their dreams. This was timely because the recent SpaceX launch was the first U.S. shuttle launch with astronauts since 2011. The Rochester native told the students that one of them may be the first person on Mars! 

Sixth grader Noah Alweis introduced Melroy at the start of the event. She also took time to answer students’ questions. 

astronaut pam melroy

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