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Council Rock Students Collaborate with RIT Students on Animation Project

RIT monster illustration by Allison Kunz
Animation by Allison Kunz

Sue Beato’s Council Rock Primary School first graders collaborated with Rochester Institute of Technology graphic design students on an animation project in the fall.

The first graders read Denise Vega’s book, “If Your Monster Won't Go To Bed.” As part of the procedural writing unit, the students then wrote their own stories on how to put a monster to bed. Mrs. Beato credited fellow first grade teachers Janine Aiello and Ali Gaenzle with the idea.

Mrs. Beato told her friend and RIT Graphic Design Assistant Professor Keli DiRisio about the activity and they thought it would be fun to have the college students make animations of the first graders’ stories for their interactive design class.

The Council Rock students described their monsters with six adjectives and some named their monsters too. Mrs. Beato’s class discussed the importance of using strong adjectives so that the audience has a clear picture of what they’re describing.

The first graders were paired with an RIT student or a small group of students and provided them with their story and adjectives. The Council Rock students did not draw their monsters; it was up to the RIT students to create the monsters’ appearance based on the first graders’ adjectives.

Mrs. Beato’s class was thrilled to see their stories in motion!

Art by Ethan Constant

Animation by Ethan Constant

Animation by Tyrus Handy

Animation by Tyrus Handy

collaborating with RIT students

You can view all of the animations here: