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CRPS Celebrates Kid Inventors Day

the dash robot

Council Rock Primary School second graders took part in some fun lessons for Kid Inventors’ Day on Tuesday, Jan. 17. K-5 Instructional Technology Leader Katie Fallon, K-5 Math Intervention Leader Stefana Monachino, and Literacy Coach Lynda Flaherty each taught a STEM lesson to Zach Koch, Shelly Cannon, and Liz Porta’s students.

Mrs. Flaherty’s session was called, Build A Bridge – 21 Elephants. The class read the book, “21 Elephants,” together to inspire the problem of building a bridge that would hold 21 elephants. Students then built bridges that could hold 21 blocks.

Mrs. Fallon taught students about robots and showed them the Dash robot. Students then came up with their own design for a robot that would clean their rooms.

Mrs. Monachino’s session was Math Problem Solving with Breakout EDU. The goal was to help Lucy the ladybug find her missing spots by solving math problems and unlocking all the locks. Students had to think flexibly, persevere, and work collaboratively to be successful.

Building bridges

opening locks

designing robots

Building bridges

watching the robot