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FRES Celebrates Black History Month

Herb Smith plays the trumpet

French Road Elementary School held a series of assemblies in celebration of Black History Month in February.

Reffell Conteh of the Wachuku Foundation for Humanitarian Aid presented to third and fourth graders about a school her family started in Sierra Leone. They also had students model African clothing.

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra trumpet player Herb Smith presented to fifth graders. He talked about his music and played some songs for the students.

Lastly, Lulu Westbrooks Griffin, a civil rights activist and author (and the mother of FRES security guard Henry Westbrooks), shared her story with all FRES students. She was one of the girls that was locked up in an old Civil War stockade for protesting segregation in Georgia.

Videos of the assemblies are available below:

Mrs. Conteh introduces the students

Lulu Westbrooks Griffin shares her story