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TCMS Participates in World Hijab Day

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Twelve Corners Middle School students and staff participated in World Hijab Day on Feb. 1. The annual event is for those of different cultures, who do not normally wear the hijab (head covering), to experience wearing one for the day. The purpose is to encourage religious tolerance, cultural understanding, and international solidarity.  At TCMS, we use it as a day to broaden our understanding and acceptance of the students in our community who wear hijabs. Working together to combat prejudice, leaders in the American Muslim community work collaboratively to show that for a majority of women, wearing the Hijab is a choice, a freedom, and a blessing, as well as to educate their fellow citizens about Islam in ways which are relevant and meaningful.

The school’s Student Council and Muslim Student Union sponsored the event with help from the BHS Muslim Student Association, parent volunteers, and ENL teachers Kristen Hallagan, Maria Sanchez-Martinez, and Emma Viggiani. Both staff and students wore hijab. Participation in the day was voluntary.

Students in hijab

world hijab day

world hijab day group