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BHS Students Earn Study Trip to Germany and Scholarships

Over 80 students from Brighton High School participated in this year’s National German Exam offered by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). The AATG is a competitive and difficult exam that is made up of authentic audio, video, and written sources to test students’ knowledge and understanding of German.

Frau Dr. Geiger is excited to announce that Markian Dwulit won and accepted a scholarship for a study trip to Germany. Dwulit is among 36 students selected from across the United States to receive an all-expenses paid summer study trip to Germany. The study trip includes round‐trip air transportation to Germany, a homestay with a host family, and excursions to places of cultural and historical significance.   

Fellow BHS students Maxwell Lent and Vincent Hunt won the AATG National German Exam Post-Graduate Scholarship, showcasing their dedication and excellence in the German language. Lent also attained the Steuben Society Scholarship Award for the highest senior score. These accolades not only recognize their linguistic prowess but also reflect their commitment to academic excellence and cultural understanding. Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding achievements!

Several Brighton students at the different levels achieved high scores on this year’s AATG exam. Their hard work and dedication to learning the German language and culture paid off and they were awarded gold, silver, or bronze medals and achievement certificates. These are the students who were awarded medals and certificates for their outstanding and excellent commitment and progress in learning the German language and culture.   

Level 2: Charles Cheng, Noah Biedenkopf, Simon Mooney, Asa Smith, Ben Oswald, Kishan Totten, Landon Wells, Denise Snyder Smith, Emmett Greene, Grace Quarles, Jackson George, Jason Ryder, Luke Doescher, Owen Hoefen, Ryan Ladley, Taylor Wilson, and Zaki Hoffman-Hussain.  

Level 3: Carol Bennett, Filip Stefankovic, Noah Busch, Isaiah Carr, Jackson Wojtovich, Tejus Reddy, Aung Oo, Grace Miller, Maria Shalaeva, Marie Mikols, Claire Fien, John Luger, Kaitlin Buckley, and Trevor Nolan.   

Level 4 juniors: Elise Hosmer, Katie Seymour, Ben Mahmutovic, Evan Hoefen, Frances Lovett, Lauren Russell, Lisa Xu, Phoebe Martin, and Vivienne Biedenkopf.  

Level 4 seniors: Ben Remmel, Lily Coyne, Markian Dwulit, Maxwell Lent, Vincent Hunt, Wyatt Robinson, Joanna Frank, Caleb Mendler, and Corban Vogler.   

Vincent and max

study trip winner