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BHS Safety Thought Exchange Results

Dear Members of the BHS School Community, 

Thank you for your response to the recent Thought Exchange regarding safety at Brighton High School and more specifically, about BPD foot patrols. We received a significant amount of feedback and are very excited to be sharing the information with you today. This exchange was very useful in gathering thoughts from many community members. In fact, there were 499 participants and 427 thoughts shared! We have already used this information to reexamine our work with BPD and to shift from foot patrols to the development of new programming that will better meet our objectives without ever compromising school safety. As these new programs are developed, they will be shared with you. As always, we welcome your feedback. 

This information will now be shared with several groups, committees, and law enforcement/security personnel. We will be able to use it as one of many sources of information that inform discussions related to constantly improving our practices and doing so in ways that honor and respect the feelings of all members of our school community.   

Don’t take our word for it! Please dig into the results yourself and draw your own conclusions. Results can be found and explored here: 

A summary report can be found here: Summary Report  

Thank you for participating and for always being our partners in this work.