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Information on the 2019-20 BHS-Israeli Exchange

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Brighton High School is once again excited to participate in the BHS-Israeli Exchange. Marla Taplinger and John Clements are the advisors for this exchange program. Even though the program is jointly sponsored by the Brighton Central School District and the Jewish Federation of Rochester, this is intended to be a strictly cultural and non-religious exchange. As such, any BHS student can participate.

Once again, we are offering the opportunity to all BHS students to participate as either a host family and/or as part of a BHS-chaperoned student exchange trip to Israel. The Israelis will be visiting us October 15-27, 2019. Our trip to Israel will take place during our 2020 February Break.

Those students interested in traveling to Israel will have an opportunity to participate in an interest-based itinerary that would include unique hands-on experiences that would be a fantastic addition to your student’s high school transcript and college applications. A few examples of avenues that students will be able to explore are archaeology/history, arts/music, and science/technology.

Participating as a host and/or in the exchange would be a wonderful, meaningful, and very relevant experience for your son/daughter. What better way to spend a winter vacation than to travel to a warmer climate and explore Israel with other teens their age? Our superintendent Dr. Kevin McGowan, assistant superintendent Dr. Debby Baker and principal Dr. Tom Hall have all participated in the adult version of this exchange.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of us. If you are willing to host an Israeli student and/or are interested in having your student travel to Israel this February Break, we can send you an application. Once you receive the application, we would kindly ask you to fill it out as soon as possible and return to either one of us via email or have it dropped off in our main office mailboxes. We will need to hear back from you by the end of May for hosting and by the end of October for traveling as planning needs to start for both of these events.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Mr. John Clements

Mrs. Marla Taplinger