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Participate in the 2020-21 Rennes Exchange

Rennes Exchange in France

The Rennes Exchange takes place every two years.  In October of 2018, 48 French students and four chaperones visited Brighton High School and stayed with host families. In April, 31 BHS students and four chaperones traveled to Paris and Rennes, France. They spent 10 days visiting historical places and monuments including Sacré Coeur, l'Arc de Triomphe, the Latin Quarter, Versailles, Mont Saint-Michel, D-Day Beaches, Caen Memorial Museum, and the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.  Brighton students also stayed with host families in Rennes for seven days, immersed in French language and culture.  They attended classes at a French high school, Lycée Sévigné. 

Both visits were very successful and we look forward to continuing our partnership. Brighton High School will be hosting for the third time in October of 2020 and travelling in April of 2021. Please contact for further information.

Rennes Exchange at BHS