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District Presents Blueprint Updates at Oct. 29 Board Meeting

Brighton Central School District leaders presented updates to its Blueprint plan at the Oct. 29 Board of Education Meeting. Below is a summary of what was presented if you’re curious about what the District is focused on this school year.

For 2019-20, the priority areas have been reduced to: Systems for Support and Growth, Mental Health and Wellness, Academic Rigor for All Students, and Diversity and Equity.

The priority area of Systems for Support and Growth includes work in the areas of security, budget, and capital planning. The District is looking to develop comprehensive training protocols and procedures for school security guards. With the budget, the District is planning to assemble an advisory group to provide feedback on the presentation of financial information and build understanding and clarity about District finances and budget recommendations. In the capital planning area, the District plans to update the Building Condition Survey considering sustainability goals; collaborate with school leadership teams to compile priorities for modernization and renovation of interior classroom spaces; continue the development of a master plan for athletic facilities to build on the recommendations from the school start time analysis; and partner with the Town to prioritize required renovations to Brookside.

The Mental Health and Wellness priority area is focused on Building Bridges of Trust: How do we incorporate and encourage more personal interactions in our meetings and activity formats? Ideas in this area include: Providing training on youth mental first aid; showing the documentary “Screenagers: The Next Chapter”; offering a special education fair, mental health fair, and new student reception; using community building circles at open houses; exploring a flipped meeting model; and providing community building activities for faculty.

The Academic Rigor for All Students priority area will continue the District’s work in the areas of program evaluation, grading, and curriculum design. The District will also look to promote creativity and innovation by increasing personalized learning opportunities, supporting the use of cultures of thinking in the classroom, incorporating non-academic behaviors on K-5 report cards, and exploring that at the 6-12 level. Brighton will also study the use of homework and its impact on mental health, identify instructional practices that are culturally responsive and inclusive to all students, and continue to use technology to support learning.

The Diversity and Equity priority area is divided into three sections: Hiring Practices, family engagement, and special education. With hiring practices, the District is developing a comprehensive retention program and recruitment strategies. With family engagement, Brighton is monitoring the impact of the PTSA’s Family Mentorship program; identifying barriers for family participation at events and addressing them; establishing a list of families to liaison for language translation purposes; supporting the Family Navigator and Diversity Consultant to work as a go-between between families and schools; and creating a progress monitoring system. In special education, the District has acknowledged the disproportionality in the number of classified African American students. This year, it will examine its beliefs, policies, and practices that support the biases that cause these disproportionalities.

The District’s work on restorative practices encompasses both the Diversity and Equity and Mentality Health priority areas. The District rolled out restorative practices during the Oct. 11 Superintendent’s Conference Day. The District will continue to train staff to promote the use of community and academic circles in schools.

Click here to watch the presentation from the Board meeting.