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We're Seeking Workplace Opportunities for Transition Program Students

Hello Brighton Community, 

My name is Mike Wayne and I am a special education teacher with the Brighton Central School District.  Currently, I am running a transition program for young adults ages 18-21 with disabilities. Part of the program is to provide vocational skills practice in conjunction with developing their social skills. Due to the pandemic, many of our students’ workplace positions have been eliminated.  It was a huge part of our program and assisted in much of their growth and independence.  I was curious to see if you had any opportunities for my students to come assist or practice their vocational skills in your workplace setting?   

My students are comfortable in the workplace, having worked at places like Lollypop Farm, the Strathallan hotel, Foodlink, The Highlands at Pittsford, and Lackman services at St. John Fisher College.  At these places, they have done a variety of jobs including laundry, cleaning dishes, and basic maintenance.  They are hard workers and a pleasure to get along with.  They may need some coaching at first but will become independent as the job progresses. If there are any opportunities at all for my young students to grow and expand their skills, I would greatly appreciate it and so would the community of Brighton!  My contact information is listed below and I look forward to speaking with you! 

Thank you for your time and consideration, 

Mike Wayne