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A Message from the Superintendent

Dear Families,

Phew, it’s here! The last day has just concluded and the summer has begun for students. Congratulations to everyone on making it to this year’s finish line and doing so with grit, determination, and positivity.

I write to you at the beginning of each year about the journey that the school year is and how honored we are to be on it with you. My feeling is no different as that journey comes to an end. We appreciate you and your children now more than ever and after a year of seeing their talents, personalities, and skills grow, we feel even more fortunate that you have entrusted them to our care.

This was again a year like no other. What began with promise and enthusiasm for a “return to normal,” quickly evolved into another year of working through the ebbs and flows of an enduring pandemic and uncertainty in the world in a variety of ways. It seems as though these ups and downs took their toll on everyone in different ways. That said, I remain in awe of the resilience, perseverance, commitment, and dedication demonstrated by you, your children, our staff, and this community. We’re ending on a high note even if everyone is concluding the year ready for a break. 

I hope that you’re all able to safely enjoy some rest and an opportunity to recharge. May your adventures be fun and your time together be enjoyable. We’ll look forward to starting the journey again and getting ready for a great 2022-23!

Onward and upward…


Kevin McGowan, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools