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Great News

The District is very excited to announce that the sale of the Brookside School to the Talmudic Institute of Upstate New York (TIUNY) has been completed and closed. This has been a long and very important process that impacts the long-term financial health of the District. Sale of the building to an educational institution, the original use of the property, ensures that the neighborhood and community will not see property development that could be in contrast to the spirit of the neighborhood. We’re happy to be welcoming the TIUNY to the school community and know that they will be a great neighbor for everyone.

Practically speaking, this community asset is being converted now to funding that will allow the District to continue to propose significant capital improvements to taxpayers that will not result in a tax increase! You read that right; with voter approval in future votes, the District will use funds to pay what is called the “local share” of improvements while state aid will cover the additional cost.

Improvements will be proposed this May, without the benefit of this sale, but still without a tax increase. Over time and with voter approval, we will be able to upgrade classrooms, infrastructure, art and music facilities, athletic facilities, the BHS entrance/exit/parking, and overall improve spaces for learning without increasing taxes.