The Notebook

by Nicholas Sparks Year Published: Easy Reading
The Notebook is a story about the tenderness of heartbreak, the sorrow of separation, the pain of dementia, and most of all, the power of love. A framed novel, the first scene is an elderly man reading out of a well-worn notebook to an elderly woman. It can be discerned that the man knows the woman, but the woman, due to Alzheimer's, no longer recognizes the man. The rest of the novel reveals the contents of the notebook; the story of Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson. Noah and Allie met through mutual friends during one North Carolina summer and fell into a deeper love than either had ever fallen before. However, as the leaves began to turn crimson, their relationship was torn at the seams by Allie's parents, mostly due to Noah's lower socioeconomic status. Years after this tragic breakup, the notebooks's story begins with post-war veteran Noah devoting his life to the refurbishment of an old farmhouse and Allie, still a Southern Belle, engaged to a man whom her parents deem worthy enough for her love. However, an article in a local newspaper about Noah will draw Allie on a desperate search to reconnect with the man she once so deeply loved. Allie is left with the most difficult choice she has ever made: to live up to her family's standards and her promises or to break free of her social constraints and rekindle a flame which never fully died. This novel, one of the many written by Nicholas Sparks, is a must-read. The story is absolutely compelling, taking the reader on a roller coaster of emotions as the history behind the well-worn notebook unfolds. I fell in love with the movie and wanted to read the book that provided its original inspiration. (recommended by Ariel)

Note: This book is available in our Library.