Eat, Pray, Love

by Elizabeth Gilbert Year Published: Easy Reading
Eat, Pray, Love is a true story of Liz Gilbert discovering herself after a very bad divorce. She plans her trip to involve the things she loves the most: eating good food, meditating, and the tropics. First, she spends four months in Italy to experience all the great food. There she learns to love her body no matter how big or small. She also makes a ton of new friends and she is able to forget about her ex-husband. Then, she travels to India to stay in an ashram for another four months. Here she learns how to really meditate and she is able to face thoughts about her ex-husband. Finally, she spends four months in Bali. She learns to love life in general and be a strong, confident woman. And here, she falls in love with the man she is now married to. Liz writes some very inspiring lines about becoming your own person and not needing love to complete you. (recommended by Kayla) 2010