The Book of Illusions

by Paul Auster Year Published: Average
An English professor named David Zimmer loses his wife and two children in a plane crash. Devastated by the tragedy, Zimmer falls into despair. While watching a television documentary about the silent film star Hector Mann, he experiences an unfamiliar sensation, the sound of his own laughter. So begins his search to understand the mysterious disappearance of the comic film star. Through this discovery, Zimmer manages to piece together a new beginning and to set out on an intriguing journey. Author Paul Auster is a fantastic storyteller who manages to blend magic and realism to create a captivating tale. I was drawn to this book because of my interest in the movie "Smoke," which was directed and written by Auster. Both the movie and The Book of Illusions feature tragic heroes, whose lives have been torn apart by the unexpected loss of family members. Rather than succumbing to despair, their interactions with neighborhood characters and their eventual interests in the power of stories, draw them back to life. (Recommended by David)

Note: This book is available in our Library.