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Community Approves Special Vote Propositions

Residents of the Brighton Central School District approved two propositions in a special vote on Jan. 25. 2022.

Proposition 1 was approved 780 to 144 (84.4%). The proposition authorizes the District to purchase two parcels of land adjacent to Brighton High School. They are currently owned by Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church, 1200 South Winton Road. Parcel B is 0.92 acres and Parcel C is 1.36 acres. The asking price for the two parcels is $422,000. The District will use funds in its existing District Building Reserve Fund for this purchase and it will not increase the budget or tax levy and will not incur financing costs.

Proposition 2 was approved 786 to 141 (84.8%). The proposition authorizes the District to create a new $20 million Building Capital Reserve Fund with an estimated useful life of 10 years. The District’s current fund has exhausted its funding limits. Contributions to the fund will include year-end surplus funds and proceeds from the sale of the Brookside school building.

“We are so grateful for the support of our community,” said Superintendent Dr. Kevin McGowan. “This purchase will give us the opportunity to explore a better, safer parking lot exit and to protect the green space adjacent to our athletic fields. We are glad that this purchase can be made from reserves and will not require an increase in taxes. This is a forward thinking, strategic decision by our community that has the potential to be very impactful. As always, we recognize the trust that our community has placed in the District and are committed to continuing to be fiscally responsible for now and in planning for our financial future.”

Video About Vote from Dr. McGowan