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Rider Information

Rider Information

Our goal is to make your child's experience on our buses safe and enjoyable. To help us reach this goal, we would like to provide you with important bus rider information in this section of our web site.

In August bus routes are being finalized. Bus letters will be sent home after the bus drivers have done a test drive of their bus route. The first 2 weeks of school the pick up and drop off times are adjusting to the assigned time in your bus letter.  Allow for the schedule to fall into place in that two week time period. Your patience is appreciated.

Please take the time to review the following sections.

Bus Stop Rules
For a safe and enjoyable ride to and from school, follow the rules. Students may be denied riding privileges as a result of misbehavior on the bus.
1. Be at your bus stop at least 5 minutes early. 
2. Do not wait for the bus inside your house, the driver needs to see you to verify pick up.
3. Wait for the bus at your designated stop, well off the roadway.
4. Wait for signal from driver before crossing the road.
5. Cross in front of the bus, 15 feet ahead of it, so driver can see you.

Bus Ride Rules
1. Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before pick up time.
2. Listen to your bus driver and monitor at all times - wait for the bus driver's signal to cross.
3. No skateboards, golf clubs, large musical instruments, skis or creatures (dead or alive) on the bus.
4. Do NOT eat Food or Drink on the bus.     
5. Please refer to the Parent Handbook (Parent Information Guide) for the school year for bus transportation rules and guidelines.


  • 1. No skateboards or large sports equipment, such as skiis, scooters, golf bag & clubs, etc.
    2. No “creatures,” dead or alive.
    3. No large musical instruments or other items that can’t fit on the child’s lap.
    4. No baggage/backpack that is too large to fit on the child’s lap.
    Also, children may not wear roller blades, skates or heelys on the bus. When transporting sports equipment or other personal items, they should be contained in an athletic bag, backpack, etc. Please refer to the Parent Handbook for detailed information.

  • Drawstrings on jackets or other clothing, scarves, long backpack straps, and other long, dangling items are dangerous since they can become snagged on handrails and door apparatus as students exit buses. Drivers may not be aware that the children who are physically off the bus are still attached by the drawstring. Parents should inspect their children’s clothing so they can eliminate this hazard.

  • Please be sure to label all items of value to assist in returning lost items to their owner.

    Items that have value such as musical instruments are removed from the bus and held at the bus terminal until the following a.m. when the driver will have the instrument on board once again to return to the student. If the student is not on the bus, the instrument will be returned to school. Cell phones that are left on the bus will be brought to 2035 Monroe Avenue to be claimed. Items such as coats, shoes, lunch boxes, clothing, etc. are kept on the bus until Thursday. On Friday any lost items are turned in to lost and found at 2035 Monroe Avenue. After a month, items are donated in support of outreach programs.
    You are welcome to call the transportation office at 585-242-5200 Ext. 5806 if an item has been lost on the bus. We will try to assist the family in locating the item.

  • The transportation form must be filled out in writing at least 5 days ahead of the change. The form is available at your child’s school, the Transportation Department, 2035 Monroe Avenue or on the Brighton School District’s web page HERE.  The completed form can be brought to school, faxed to 585-242-5098, mailed or dropped off at 2035 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618. 

  • If your child is being picked up at a different stop in the a.m., they must board with a handwritten note and give it to the bus driver.  If you need a one day change for the p.m., please fill out a “Dismissal Pass” which can be found on the school’s website (under “Forms”) or can be processed by your child’s school. School should receive a copy of the Dismissal Pass, and your child should present the Dismissal Pass to the p.m. bus driver.

  • The bus schedule will fluctuate the first few weeks of school due to student changes (i.e., day care, address, tc.)  Please have your child at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time.  If the bus has not come within five minutes, you may call 242-5200, Ext. 5806, and we will check on the status of the bus.

  • We rely on the parents to make sure they are aware of their day care provider’s schedule and make their own arrangements. Also, there will be scheduled early release days for Brighton students during the school year. Please note these days and make plans for your children accordingly.

  • There is an on-line Parent Information Guide found HERE, which provides school information as well as information about Transportation.  If there is a delay due to weather or road conditions, information may be posted on the school website’s main page. You may also receive notification by “Blackboard.”  

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