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BCSD Summer Arts Camp - Information for the Summer of 2024

Summer Arts 2024


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Please download our  Brochure for more information:  

Summer Arts Brochure: Click here to download


Click here to register your child(ren) for the Summer Arts Program:


For details or more information about the program, please email the program's Administrative
Assistant, Ms. Charlotte Kimberly-Haag:


For details or information about the financial aid process, please email the program's Director, Ms. Makaily Courtwright:



Click here for a link to the Summer Arts Scholarship and Financial Assistance Application:


2024 Financial Aid Forms for Summer Arts


A flyer for the BCDS Summer Arts Program 2024 Scholarship and Financial Assistance Application.




Families looking to apply for a scholarship or financial assistance are asked to withhold from registering their child(ren) for the Summer Arts program via the district's website and RevTrak until they have first contacted the Director of Summer Art, Ms. Makaily Courtwright, to share their interest and intent to apply. Ms. Courtwright's email address is: 

This advanced notification ensures that a spot can be held in the program's various camps until a final financial aid package has been offered for consideration to eligible families who have submitted a fully completed application. It is imperative to the Summer Arts team that no child is excluded due to the timeline of their application. 

Only one application per household/family is needed, regardless of the number of children a family is applying for, to create a comfortable process for families. 

Due to the registration process and refund policies of the Summer Arts program, families who register and pay the full Summer Arts tuition and fees through the district's website and RevTrak will not be able to request a refund of their tuition and fees if they then choose to apply for a scholarship or financial assistance. Again, our families must understand that no retroactive financial aid can be granted for payments already made for our programs or services.

All Summer Arts scholarship and financial assistance applications must be submitted by March 22nd, 2024, at 5 pm EST to qualify for Summer Art's initial funding rounds. After that date and time, all incoming applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the annual funds allocated for assistance and scholarships have been depleted.

All Summer Arts scholarship awards for families applying by March 22nd will be notified of their aid packages by March 29th, 2024, at 5 pm EST. Any applications received after that time will be considered on a rolling basis, and families will be notified by the program committee of potential financial aid awards as soon as possible. 


For important information about our Summer Arts refund and cancelation policy, Click Here

Refund policy image


A group of children are performing a play.