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Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Curriculum & Instruction Office

Curriculum. It's the foundation upon which an educational institution builds its instructional program. Embedded within the mission statement of Brighton Central School District is the belief that the primary focus of the school system should be the development and preparation of its students for life beyond the school doors, as productive contributors to a global community. A school district's curriculum is more than just a list of skills and concepts that students will acquire while attending a given class or grade level, but rather, it defines what the district believes are the essential components of the developmental cycle of the students in its charge. At Brighton, we believe that our students deserve to be educated by highly trained staff, following a rigorous curriculum using researched based methodologies which are engaging and lead to a life long love of learning.

New York State and national standards define the base of expectations for our students; however, consistent opportunities are being created for professional conversations about increasing rigor and capacity among all of our students, so that we may operationalize what it means to exceed national and world class standards. At Brighton, this approach is accompanied by a depth of caring about students and the work of schools to ensure that curricular change supports the development of the whole child.

The students and staff of Brighton Central School District enjoy a long tradition of educational excellence. Now as we look to this new era of possibilities we are once again reminded that the review of curriculum and instructional practice is recursive and must change to meet the demands of not only our students of today, but of the learners they are becoming. The Office of Curriculum and Instruction guides and supports this work and assists teachers as they review and make curriculum updates. If you have any questions about the instructional program at Brighton Central School District, please contact me.



Dr. Allison Rioux

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction