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Technology Support Team

BCSD Technology Help Desk

Staff: If you need support, use the life preserver icon on the Staff Portal page to submit a ticket. If it is an emergency, please call the Technology Office at 242-5200 X5555


  • During school hours- Please go to the library to report an issue.  Building technicians, support specialists or GenBar students will work to get you up and running ASAP.
  • After school hours-If you are experiencing a problem that cannot be addressed by the help pages associated with this site, please reach out to your teacher to inform him/ her of this issue and make a plan to address the missed work when you return to school.  Upon returning to school, please report to the library to get assistance.

District Technology Office


Director of Technology Services - Eric Jordan

  •       #242-5200 x5556


Assistant Director of Technology Services - Peter Maryan

  •       #242-5200 x5557


Systems Administrator - Kyle Gregor

  •       #242-5200 x5560 


BHS Technology Support

  •      Jean Boehm #242-5000 x4555
  •      Jill Boller #242-5000 x4556


TCMS Technology Support

  •      Michael Paxson #242-5100 x3555
  •      Steve Hunter #242-5100 x3557


CRPS and FRES Technology Support

  •      Eric Christensen #242-5140 x1555 or x2555  


Technology Help Desk - Rose Feltes

  •       #242-5200 x5555

Data Management Specialist - Erin Maysick

  •       #242-5200 x5585  

Director of Visual and Performing Arts, Data Compliance, and Instructional Technology - Dr. Tracie Glazer

  •       #242-5000 x4585


Applications Specialist - Laura Deckman

  •       #242-5200 x5587


Web Coordinator - Daniel Goldman 

  •       #242-5200 x5600


Technology support requests are to be submitted via the BCSD Technology Help Desk.