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Curriculum Mapping Review Cycle and Procedures

Curriculum Mapping Review Cycle and Procedures


Use the following information and attached guidance documents to update district consensus maps.

Curriculum Map Review Cycle

Cycles are established based on the results of program evaluation.  Curriculum updates are ongoing and focus is placed on specific curricular areas as a result of identified needs. The Understanding By Design (UbD) framework is used for the development of common units of study in each discipline and all maps are housed in eDoctrina, the district's curriculum and assessment management tool.  Summer workshops are offered for teams of teachers to develop their common units.


Review/Revise Maps to ensure that:

  1. Consensus maps reflect current practice and alignment to state and national standards.  Learning targets (concepts and skills) for each unit are clearly defined and are based on identified curricular priorities.
  2. Redundancies and gaps in curriculum are identified and addressed
  3. Updates resulting from program evaluation and recommendations for addressing problems/issues/concerns are reflected in maps
  4. Balanced assessment practices are articulated and utilized.  Assessments are aligned to prioritized learning targets.
  5. Higher level thinking and 21st Century skills are being developed
  6. Interdisciplinary connections are identified and developed

Process and Procedures for Map Review and Update

  1. Map updates are to be made by a group of people:
    1. Individuals of the same grade level
    2. Individuals teaching the same course
  2. Major changes (content/concept and skill) should take place in the summer
  3. Minor changes can be made w/in grade/curricular teams at any point in the school year.  Minor changes are those that do not reflect significant changes in learning targets (concepts or skills), but rather, pertain to timing, unit name, etc.
  4. Curricular decisions should be made based upon data analysis, where applicable (state data, benchmark/interim assessments)
  5. Check points throughout the year-faculty/departmental meetings—time provided for map review to ascertain updates/changes


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