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Central Administration

Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Kevin McGowan
(585) 242-5200 x5500


Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Allison Rioux
(585) 242-5200 x5501


Deputy Superintendent
Louis Alaimo
(585) 242-5200 x5510


Director of Student Services
Deanna Spagnola
(585) 242-5200 x5530


Assistant Director of Student Services
Caitlin Feeney
(585) 242-5200 x5536


Director for Health, Physical Education and Athletics
Mark Kress
(585) 242-5000 x4575


Director of Visual and Performing Arts, Instructional Technology and Data Compliance
Dr. Tracie Glazer
(585) 242-5000 x4585


Director of Student and Family Engagement
Jeff Green
(585) 242-5200 x5535


Dahlia Watts
(585) 242-5200 x5512


Director of Human Resources
Lisa Hartman
(585) 242-5200 x5520


Director for Food Services
Nicole Van Der Meid
(585) 242-5200 x4567


Director of Student Operations
Dr. Mike Maloy
(585) 242-5200 x5570 


Assistant Director of Transportation
Luis Lopez
(585) 242-5200 x5571


Director of Technology Services
Eric Jordan
(585) 242-5200


Director of Buildings and Grounds
John Novelli
(585) 242-5170 x1545 


Director of Safety and Security
Teresa Mosher
(585) 242-5200 x4595


Communications Coordinator
Dan Goldman
(585) 242-5200 x5600