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ES Class/Seminar

A table with four columns. The first column is labeled CRPS, the second column is labeled FRES, the third column is labeled TCMS, and the fourth column is labeled BHS. The only filled cell is in the fourth column, labeled BHS, and it contains the text "Extended Studies Class/Seminar".

With Extended Studies Class (Grades 6-8) and Extended Studies Seminar (Grades 9-12), students who are identified as needing additional challenge meet regularly with the Extended Studies Teacher for enrichment experiences designed to enhance knowledge, habits of mind, growth mindset, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

For each school, the options for Extended Studies Class or Seminar are listed below.

Council Rock Primary School

Entrance Criteria: n/a

Exit Criteria: n/a

Contact Person: n/a

French Road Elementary School

Entrance Criteria: n/a

Exit Criteria: n/a

Contact Person: n/a

Twelve Corners Middle School

  • Class experiences scheduled by grade level; class includes extension and enrichment activities within a particular content area or on a topic of student interest

Entrance Criteria:  

  • Students who scored at the 98-99%ile on the Naglieri General Ability Test are placed in the extended studies class at TCMS. These percentiles are considered to indicate giftedness, so we believe that the extended studies class would be a beneficial service.
  • Students who scored at the 90%ile or higher on the Naglieri General Ability Test are also placed in the extended studies class at TCMS if they meet two of the following criteria:
    • Scored 90% ile + on ELA MAP assessment
    • Scored 90% ile + on Math MAP assessment
    • Demonstrated the majority of traits, attributes and behaviors (TABs) of gifted students at French Road
      • Dr. Mary Frasier’s Traits, Attributes and Behaviors (also known as TABs) consider students’ strengths and needs during classroom and enrichment experiences.  These TABs represent basic characteristics of gifted performance and can be recognized in the performance of children, within and across diverse cultural groups and at various social and economic levels.
    • Identified as “possibly gifted" at Council Rock

To nominate a student for the extended studies class, please complete the form at this link. The nominee will be contacted to schedule the administration of the Naglieri General Ability Test as the next step in the nomination process.

Exit Criteria:  Written consent from parent/guardian OR failure to meet general requirements (attendance and participation)

Contact Person:  Christine Coyle - extended studies teacher

Brighton High School

  • Seminar meets one class period every six-day cycle; enrichment experiences and student-directed projects based on interests. Credit: 1

Entrance Criteria: Prior participation in Extended Studies class or nomination by teacher, counselor, or self

Exit Criteria: Student choice or failure to meet general requirement (attendance and participation)

Contact Person: Christine Coyle - extended studies teacher