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Brighton Teacher Center

Our Mission

The Brighton Teacher Center aims to provide professional growth opportunities for teachers and school staff in the District to expand their knowledge and skills in teaching and learning. It firmly believes that outstanding student achievement is tied to a teaching staff that is well-educated, professionally current, and innovative; that for classrooms to be culturally responsive, nurturing, and supportive for students, schools must be nurturing and supportive for teachers.


Our goals are to support educators' growth in becoming culturally competent to nurture and honor Brighton's diverse learners. The Professional Learning Plan emphasizes the following focus areas:


  • Improving Instructional Repertoire
    • Model thinking dispositions, the Habits of Mind
    • Develop student agency
    • Learning as a consequence of thinking (Perkins 2002)
    • Learning tasks are contextualized and purposeful
  • Understanding Student Characteristics
    • Value students as thinkers and learners
    • Strengthen teacher-student positive relationships
    • Community engagement; learning is a social endeavor
  • Expanding Academic Content
  • Teaching Mentoring Expertise